Sign mandatory waiver before climbing

GRR Hours:

Mon-Fri     12-11pm
Sat     10am-10pm
Sun     10am-8pm
Members Only:
Tue, Wed, Thu:     6:30am-9am

GRR pairs with Linenade!

GRR has paired up with Linenade to bring you, our members something special! Linenade is a owned and operated by one of GRR’s members who makes clothing/accessories by hand! Pictured here are the men’s pants (available in blue, green, and brown). There is also women’s yoga pants in navy blue. On Sale now! Check them out at the front desk, you can even try’m on!

Men's Pants in brown

Men’s Pants in brown

Men's Pants in green

Men’s Pants in green

July 7-11 Rock ‘n Row Summer Camp is FULL

The July Rock ‘n Row summer camp is officially full!  But don’t fret yet!  There is another Rock ‘n Row camp in August, or you can choose from one of our other camps, such as the CrossFit and Climb camp or our new half day Climb On! camp.   Check them out here!

We’re going tapeless on the boulder!

We’re going tapeless on the boulder!  We’re trying it out, so you might notice that some of the boulder walls have tape only on the start holds.    Let us know what you think of it, or anything else in the gym, at the front desk using our suggestion box!

Summer Special!

It’s that time again climbers! Summer Special is back! Starting June 1st save some money and climb all summer long!

Discount Price: 3 months for $120.00 instead of $150.00
Regular Price: 3 months for $140.00 instead of $180.00
Family Price: 3 months for 349.00 instead of $420.00

*Sign up anytime between June 1st and June 30th*

Planning on bringing the kids on the upcoming PA Day?

If you’re planning on bringing the kids this Friday, May 30th for the PA day, here are some things to keep in mind:

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SIGN WAIVERS FOR ANYONE ELSE’S KIDS.  Waivers can be found here, filled out by the parent, and brought in.  Please make sure it’s filled out properly (initialed all down the side, signed and dated, full names everywhere, and filled out in blue or black ink).

– If you have never climbed before, and haven’t booked anything, the boulder and auto-belays are good options.  The cost for this is the daypass ($14 for kids, $17 for adults, or $45 for the family), and a harness rental if you’re doing the auto-belays ($5 each).

– What to wear:  If you don’t want to rent the climbing shoes ($5 each), then wear tight-fitting running shoes with good grip.  Wear light, comfortable clothing and avoid short shorts (the harnesses are not padded and can be uncomfortable on bare skin).

– Bring water bottles!  It can be hot in here in the summer.   We have a refrigerated water fountain!

– Check out other frequently asked questions here.