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GRR Hours:

Mon-Fri     12-11pm
Sat     10am-10pm
Sun     10am-8pm
Members Only:
Tue, Wed, Thu:     6:30am-9am

Friday Night Boulder League

Put it all on the line, every Friday night!  Compete with your fellow climbers on the newest boulder problems of the week.  Meet new climbing friends and cheer each other on for some lighthearted competition!   There will also be prizes at the end of the 10 weeks!

Points will be awarded for successful climbs completed on Friday league nights between 5:30-10pm.  Climbers are awarded points equivalent to the V-grades of the completed boulder problems.  It will be peer-judged.  Accumulated points contribute to your final ranking.  Weekly standings will be posted here on our website.   Lowest scoring week will be dropped from your final points (for those worried about missing a week).  Prizes will be raffle-style (the higher your ranking, the more times your name gets put into the pot for the draw for prizes).  The cost for the league is in addition to your membership or daypass.

First league night will be May 4th.   The last night will be July 20th.  There will be no league on May 18th or June 29th because of the long weekends.

No refunds once paid.  The gym will also be open to the public as usual during league times.

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End of Week II


Brendan D – 266
Andrew D – 214
Kyle S – 174
Emma A – 147
Justin M – 142
Jan G – 81
Dan L – 47


Christine D – 125
Gabriel M – 100
Teri-Lyn H – 99
Stephanie C – 82
Alexandra M – 81
Mohammad K – 79
Scott D – 69
Nova Z – 67
Jiabo H – 64
Andrew I – 60
Parmin K (Y) – 59
Nathanael K – 45
David E – 44
Madeline L – 27
Ryan K (Y) – 16
Sebastian K – 13
Claire F – 6

DNC = Did Not Compete  Y = Youth Competitor