Sign mandatory waiver before climbing

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Acro Yoga changes

Our Monday night Acro Yoga has had a few changes. Don’t panic though. It looks far more complicated than it really is. If you’re confused, come find Cornelia or Megan and we’ll talk you through it.

Acro not your thing?  Check out our other classes!

PD day & waivers…

Today is a PD day!  Please be aware you are not allowed to sign the waiver for anyone else’s kids.  Anyone under 18 needs a waiver signed by their own parent or legal court-appointed guardian.  Unfortunately, in most cases, grandparents/aunts/uncles don’t count as guardians.  We love to see people have fun, but waivers are one thing we have to be super strict about.  IF THE WAIVER ISN’T PROPERLY FILLED OUT, THEY WON’T BE ALLOWED TO CLIMB.  So double-check that waivers are filled out properly if you are bringing a child that is not your own.  Please take a look at the waiver below to make sure you’ve got it all right before coming in!