Sign mandatory waiver before climbing

GRR Hours:

Mon-Fri     12-11pm
Sat     10am-10pm
Sun     10am-8pm
Members Only:
Tue, Wed, Thu:     6:30am-9am

Planning on bringing the kids on the upcoming PA Day?

If you’re planning on bringing the kids this Friday, May 30th for the PA day, here are some things to keep in mind:

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SIGN WAIVERS FOR ANYONE ELSE’S KIDS.  Waivers can be found here, filled out by the parent, and brought in.  Please make sure it’s filled out properly (initialed all down the side, signed and dated, full names everywhere, and filled out in blue or black ink).

– If you have never climbed before, and haven’t booked anything, the boulder and auto-belays are good options.  The cost for this is the daypass ($14 for kids, $17 for adults, or $45 for the family), and a harness rental if you’re doing the auto-belays ($5 each).

– What to wear:  If you don’t want to rent the climbing shoes ($5 each), then wear tight-fitting running shoes with good grip.  Wear light, comfortable clothing and avoid short shorts (the harnesses are not padded and can be uncomfortable on bare skin).

– Bring water bottles!  It can be hot in here in the summer.   We have a refrigerated water fountain!

– Check out other frequently asked questions here.

Climb for Cancer Results

 Together, True North and Grand River Rocks raised $37,000.20 for the 5th Annual Climb for Cancer, held this past weekend!

Final Scores:
True North: 48 climbers
$14,662.85 raised
99,610 feet climbed
Total score = 128,935.7

Grand River Rocks: 66 climbers
$22,337.35 raised
144,963 feet climbed
Total score = 189,637.7

Congrats and thanks to all the teams that participated!  GO GRR!  Let the trophy polishing begin!!


Games, Prizes & Fun for All!

Our staff stayed late last night to practice all the games we have planned for tomorrow night’s GRR Staff Team Fundraiser for Climb for Cancer.  Come out from 7-10pm on Thursday to participate!  Tickets are a minimum $10 donation.  All proceeds go to Climb for Cancer (Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation).

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Climb for Cancer – May 25th

Climb for Cancer will be held at GRR on Sunday, May 25th from 12-5pm.  We will still be open for climbing, but please be aware that the easier routes (especially on the short walls) will be occupied by our Climb for Cancer teams during this time.   The boulder and any unoccupied routes will still be open.  Everyone is welcome to come cheer on our teams as well!

Want to participate or want more info?  Sign up online at 

Also, come out for a night of climbing fun and games this Thursday, May 22nd for our Staff Climb for Cancer Team’s fundraiser!   Milk crate stacking, chair bouldering, grip strength contest, rope swing.  $10 tickets.  7-10pm.   All proceeds go to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.