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GRR Hours:

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Sat     10am-10pm
Sun     10am-8pm
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Tue, Wed, Thu:     6:30am-9am

Team Building

This 2.5 hour event consists of 1 hour of guided climbing with our staff, 30 min of blindfolded climbing or speed climbing (races), and a 30 min team building activity. In the last half hour, we reserve the picnic tables for pizza, which is included in the price. The blindfolded climbing and the other group activity are team oriented events and include multiple participants at a time. All technical aspects are taken care of by our staff.  Harness rentals are included, but shoe rentals are not, so please wear clean, tight-fitting running shoes if you don’t want to rent the shoes.  This option requires a minimum 8 participants.

$29.50 per person
$25.50 per person with 20+ participants
includes harness rental and pizza!

All prices excluding HST