Sign mandatory waiver before climbing

GRR Hours:

Mon-Fri     10am-11pm
Sat     10am-10pm
Sun     10am-8pm

First Time?


For the boulder, you are NOT tied in to a rope, so if you fall, you fall onto the soft mats below.   All climbers must go through a boulder orientation with staff before climbing.
You do not have to book in advance for the boulder.  

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Looking for more?  Grand River Rocks Kitchener offers:


Parents!  Don’t know how to belay, but want the kids want to climb on the taller walls?  Just ask the desk staff to show you how to clip the kids in!

First timers!  Want to try climbing without having to book something in advance?  With the purchase of a daypass and harness rental, you can explore the boulder and still get up the taller walls with the auto-belays!  No previous climbing experience or knowledge of belaying required!

Climbers!  Don’t have a partner? Or perhaps your partner is busy belaying someone else?  Auto-belays are the answer!

The auto-belays allow you to climb on the roped walls without needing to know how to belay.  We have 8-10 routes on the roped walls which can be climbed using the auto-belays, as well as our new kids section.   With a quick, free orientation you can be climbing in no time!

You do not need to book in advance to use the auto-belays!

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Top-rope climbing requires at least 2 climbers.  Both wear harnesses and tie into a rope attached to a belay anchor at the top of the wall.  The belayer stands at the bottom and takes out the slack in the rope as the other person climbs and lets him/her down safely.
In order to climb on the roped walls, you need to know how to belay (put the harness on,  tie the proper knots, and belay safely) or have someone with you that knows how.

If you already know how to belay, you must pass a belay test in order to become certified at our gym.   Our belay tests are free.
If you do not know how to belay, you can either book a lesson or a guided climb.  We do not keep staff on hand to belay.  You must book a guided climb in advance if you would like us to provide you with belay staff.

INTRO LESSON: $50+tax per person
– includes a 2-week trial membership and a 1-day harness rental
– minimum age = 13
– please book at least 24 hours in advance
– click here to see when we offer lessons throughout the week

GUIDED CLIMB: $24+tax per person
– includes harness rental and a 2 hour climb with our belay staff
– we provide 1 belayer for every 5 people
– minimum of 2 people
– must book AT LEAST 1 week in advance

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Tips for First-Time Climbers

If you do not have your own equipment, we have shoe, harness, and chalk bag rentals available.  Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in.  If you don’t have climbing shoes (or if you don’t want to rent shoes) then the next best alternative is a clean pair of tight-fitting running shoes.

There is no age restrictions for climbing!  We’ve had people ages 3 to 90 on our walls!   (However, to learn how to belay you must be 13+).