Sign mandatory waiver before climbing

GRR Hours:

Mon-Fri     noon-10pm
Sat     10am-10pm
Sun     10am-8pm

Frozen memberships

We have decided to allow prepaid members to remain frozen until they’re ready to come in. All memberships will be unfrozen once all Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. (This means we will NOT be doing the bulk unfreeze on Sept. 1st!)

As hard as it might be on our small business, we ultimately want to keep you, our members, happy. Stay safe, and we will see you when you are ready to come back! <3


That’s right. SATURDAY! We’re very excited to be opening at 10am this Saturday. We are temporarily moving to an online booking system where you book into a timeslot to limit the number of people in the gym. You can book 48 hours in advance which means booking will open at 10am Thursday morning.